Psychological Assessments/Testing

Like piecing together a puzzle, psychological testing gets to the root of problems quickly.

Psychological Assessment/Testing

Psychological Assessment/Testing is a methodology for getting meaningful information about a person’s emotional, psychological and personality functioning.  It utilizes objective and projective assessment measures and when used by an assessment expert, Dr. Keiron Brown, these tools get past psychological defenses and barriers to get at the core of problems and issues, and can effectively jump-starts the process of psychotherapy, should a client require therapeutic intervention.  Dr. Brown has extensive experience in employing psychological assessment techniques for a variety of professional purposes.

Accommodations Testing

Some things interfere with and block our success in achieving academic goals.  Some of us experience difficulties with studying and concentrating and staying focused on class material, while others struggle to complete tests and exams within the allotted time that schools or courses give to take exams.  This struggle can easily continue into graduate school, especially in medical school, law school and in professional programs.  Students struggle, not because they are not smart enough or talented enough, but because other factors might hinder their performance.  Such factors can include:

  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Psychiatric issues

Dr. Brown conducts evaluations aimed at securing students whatever accommodations might be appropriate for their given issues, and such accommodations can help students truly demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in their studies and on course or standardized exams.

Psychological and Personality Functioning

Psychological evaluations are requested by individuals, agencies and the courts for various reasons, such as understanding a person’s emotional and psychological functioning, issues that underlie behavioral problems, a person’s ability to be an effective parent for their children or for any reasons the courts might have when they want to better understand the reasons for an individual’s actions.  Psychological and Personality evaluations are available for:

  • Relationship/Marital & Pre-marital issues
  • Educational concerns
  • Behavioral problems
  • Legal cases
  • Department of Children & Families (DCF) and ChildNet

Fitness for Duty

Dr. Brown has extensive experience conducting Fitness for Duty evaluations.  Such evaluations are requested by companies or agencies when employees have been restricted from their duties or have been unable to carry out their duties, and the employer wants to know whether their employee is able to resume the performance of their work responsibilities.  Fitness for Duty evaluations are available for a number of professions, including:

  • Police Officers
  • Flight Attendants
  • Firefighters
  • Physicians/Medical staff
  • Legal professionals

Schedule your Fitness for Duty evaluation today.  Evaluation reports can be expedited if a client is under time constraints from their employer.

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