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Harness the power and efficiency of Mastermind Groups, expertly led by Dr. Keiron Brown

What is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind group is a collection of individuals who meet on a regular basis in order to work towards a common idea goal or mission, and group members provide accountability, support, feedback and ideas for each other.  By being involved in the right Mastermind group, you will instantly elevate the possibilities in what you want to achieve because you have access to more minds, more perspectives, more experience and more resources than you do when you attempt to achieve goals by yourself.  Members of Mastermind groups tend to be more serious, more committed and more effective in achieving their goals.

Who Is a Mastermind Group for?

Mastermind groups are for anyone who wants to achieve goals on a higher and richer level than they ever have before.  Your Mastermind is your team of motivated and devoted people who will help motivate and enhance your life.  A Mastermind is for you if:

  • You’ve taken one or more of Dr. Brown’s courses and you want a deeper experience by interacting with him and the other members of the Mastermind
  • You want to achieve a particular goal and you have trouble starting, maintaining or reaching your goals
  • You can’t motivate yourself
  • You feel like you’ve hit a “wall” in terms of your level of fulfillment, happiness or progress in your life
  • You feel like you’re “winging it” or that you’re totally alone as you strive to reach your goals
  • You want to meet with others who have similar goals, dreams and ideas and who value what you bring to the group
  • You love to keep experiencing, learning and growing throughout your life
  • You long to be inspired and energized by people who value the same things that you do
  • You just want to get more things done!

With the right Mastermind, there is no limit to what you can achieve in the pursuit of your goals!

What Will I Get When I Join a Mastermind Group?

The benefits of joining a Mastermind are enormous and you can expect the following when you join:

  • A specified meeting time online, so that you can participate in the group wherever you have an internet connection
  • The ability to interact with Dr. Keiron Brown, a Relationship Expert who will help guide you to higher levels of personal functioning and functioning in your relationships
  • Members can submit their own specific questions or issues for the group and for Dr. Brown to discuss and process
  • Members are in the presence of others who are there to support them, guide them and push them toward their goals by helping them be accountable for accomplishing necessary tasks

How Long Does a Mastermind Group Last?

Each Mastermind Group session is 90 minutes long and we ask that each group member commit to three months in order to allow adequate time for rapport building among members, the pursuit of the established goals of the group, time for members to adequately work on their own issues and time for the group process to nurture, support and enhance the other group members.

What are the Topics for Mastermind Groups?

Masterminds can cover a broad range of topics, but the 2018 schedule of Mastermind Groups that will be led by Dr. Keiron Brown are:

  • What You Need to Do to Prepare Yourself for Your Best Relationship Ever! [begins September 3, 2018]
  • How to Get Over Your Ex Forever! [begins October 1, 2018]


How Do I Join a Mastermind Group?

Simply click on the email link below and express your interest in one or more of the 2018 Mastermind Groups and you will be emailed the Mastermind registration form, fees for the groups, meeting times and confidentiality/privacy notices.  Spaces are limited to 25 members per group.  Persons interested in joining groups once they are filled will be placed on a waiting list for those groups during the 2019 schedule.

Secure your place in the group right now and get ready for astounding success!

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